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Steubenville High School Students promoting the SCS Levy

As a Big Red student, we are so appreciative of our school, teachers and staff. Everyday is an incredible experience. We want to continue to be the Best! This is why the SHS seniors are registering to vote. This will give us an opportunity to perform our civic duty and have our voice hear in the election.

Keeping SCS the Best!

Steubenville High School was constructed over 75 years ago. It has been a pride and landmark of our community. This levy will renovate our current classrooms to modernize with new technology and atmosphere. Please Keep SCS the Best! Yote Yes!


October 28 Friday - End 1st 9 Weeks

October 31 Monday Begin 2nd 9 Weeks

November 23-24-25 Wed.-Thrs.-Fri.

Thanksgiving Vacation - No School
November 28 Monday - Classes Resume

December 19 Monday No School
Christmas Vacation/Winter Recess

January 2 Monday Classes Resume

January 16 Monday
Martin Luther King Holiday - No School

January 20 Friday End 2nd 9 Weeks

January 23 Monday Begin 2nd Semester

Bridge to Excellence

2016 Graduates

This Fall SHS students will start their Flight Training



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