8th grade Science Highlights

Myla Gulan reaches for dry ice during her investigation of changes of state activity in Mrs. Matesick's 8th Grade Physical Science class.

Janna Glatzer, Jacob Buchmelter, Natirah Turner and Alison DeLaratta proudly display their project-based learning activity for the conservation of energy (roller coaster application).

Daniel Baird listens for frequency and pitch differences in a wavelength- tuning fork lab.

Makayla Walter and Chloe Swickard find the volume of irregular objects for a matter lab.

Kaleb Norris, Kayla Matesick's Physical Science student, demonstrates pressure changes in fluids while examining Bernoulli's Principle.

Calvin Bickerstaff investigates Bernoulli's Principle.

Above and left:Miss Bendle's 8th grade science class works on inheritance of chromosomes and how our chromosomes are arranged.  To give the students a visual of our human chromosomes, students strung beads on string.  The strings represented the chromosomes and the beads represented the genes on each pair of chromosomes. 

Group picture (above, left to right) - Anaiya Minniefield, Arianna Rogers, De'ounlee Young, Dallas Achhammer

Individual pictures:  Abrielle Crossland and Terrance Norris


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