Coaches: Thad Crosier, Danny Filtz, Jojo Saccoccia
Schedule for the 2017-18 Season

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Date Location Weigh-In Start Bus
Saturday, 12/9 @ Oak Glen Tournament      
Saturday, 12/23 @ Buckeye Local Tournament      
Wednesday, 12/27 @ Cambridge Tournament      
Tuesday, 1/2 vs Indian Valley (Dual)      
Saturday, 1/13 @ Indian Valley Tournament      
Wednesday, 1/17 @ Beaver Local (Dual, after varsity)      
Saturday, 1/20 @ Salem Tournament      
Friday, 1/26 @ Union Local (OVC Tournament)      
Saturday, 1/27 @ Union Local (OVC Tournament)      
Wednesday, 1/31 vs Buckeye Local (Dual, before varsity)      


Date Location Team Result Placers / Individual Results
12/9 Oak Glen Tournament 2nd place 1st place: Ethan Waggoner
2nd place: Cooper Blackburn, Rodney James, Greg Mamula, Brandon Kinney, Peyton Tuttle
3rd place: Ty'lik Sims, Nate King, Kaiden Minella
4th place: Kingston Reynolds, Cole Antill
12/23 Buckeye Local Tournament 1st place
1st place: Cooper Blackburn, Kingston Reynolds, Ethan Waggoner, Rodney James, Nate King, Brandon Kinney, Peyton Tuttle
2nd place: TyLik Sims, Greg Mamula
3rd place: Kaiden Minella, Cole Antill
4th place: Anthony Shevlin
12/27 Cambridge Tournament 14th place (out of 52) 3rd place: Nate King
4th place:Peyton Tuttle, Ethan Waggoner
5th place: Greg Mamula
6th place: Brandon Kinney
1/17 Beaver Local dual Won 45-44 Winners: Falls: Rodney James, Jackson Hammel, Brandon Kinney, Greg Mamula
Decisions: Ethan Waggoner (8-2)
Forfeits: Daveyon Black-Majewski, Anthony Shevlin, Peyton Tuttle